New year, new blog!

Hey book worms and welcome to the new and improved, enchanting pages blog! For those of you who don’t know, a matter of months ago I had a tumblr blog by the same name but decided to delete it for I was not getting the same fulfillment from when I first started and I also wanted to create a hub of content that was exclusively my own hence the flashy new blog.


I thought that the New Year would be the perfect excuse to kick-start this blog so appreciate that I’m still only a beginner and the posts should (hopefully) get better with time. I’ve written reviews in the past which can be read on my goodreads here but I think I’m ready to take them in a different direction so hopefully you’ll all enjoy them. For that reason, I don’t plan on posting any of my old reviews on here therefore the new ones will come from the books I read from 2016 and beyond meaning there may not be a book review for a good couple of weeks until I finish and perfect a review for you all (but don’t worry, recommendations, hauls and most anticipated book posts will be uploaded in the meantime!)


It feels as though that is everything I wanted to say so I’ll just sign off here with a hope that you had a very good new year and I look forward to everything planned for the blog in 2016!


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