Top 3 Books of 2015

The best way to start a new year? Reflecting on the wicked year of reading I’ve had for the past 12 months seems a good way to go. I decided to only talk about three books because these were the ones that immediately came to mind so I figured it would be better than racking my brain for others that didn’t quite make the same impression. So without further ado, here they are:

(3) The Great GatsbyF.Scott Fitzgerald
This novel was listed as recommended reading material for my English Literature course at college so I thought it was about time I give this classic a go. And oh my goodness, what an amazing book! A short but fast paced novel, the writing was simple yet classy and the plot was well-driven in that respect. Very detailed characters with interesting intertwining plots; a must read for anybody looking to get into modern classical literature. I plan on reading this again this year and doing a full review for you all so look for that when it pops up!

(2) Before I Go to SleepS.J. Watson
Watson did an absolutely brilliant job at discussing a very real issue on a more unconventional basis. I did not expect that big reveal at the end but wow, did it pack a punch. This was a particularly difficult book to put down because, after every chapter, you wanted to discover more and more about what happened to Christine as much as she did. For a thriller, it is rather mild and probably a decent introductory book to the genre.

(1) The MartianAndy Weir
I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! Don’t fear the sciency parts (they can actually be quite interesting!) because this novel is full of so much humour, hope and inspiration. Mark Watney is such an incredibly funny character who really sees the light in his situation despite the difficulties he faces. His charm and charisma makes you root for him just that little bit more! Side note: one thing I really appreciate about this book is that there is no love story running through the middle; it would have been very easy to create a love interest for Mark of whom he could not stop thinking about but, by excluding that, we get to witness the non-romantic love he received from the rest of the world and I think that’s a seriously important message that love can impact you in whichever form it takes.

Happy Reading Bookworms!


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