Reading Resolutions for 2016

I love to set myself goals for the new year, if there’s a time to mix things up it’s with a whole new year, right? Last year, I completed the Goodreads Reading Challenge for the third year in a row, surpassing my goal of reading 70 books by reading 76, yay! However, this year, I’m going to lower that goal, I’m concerned that the volume of reading is limiting what I can remember from the books I’ve read and it’s awfully embarrassing when someone asks what you thought of a book but can only remember minor details even though you only read it a couple of months ago! My goal this year is to read 26 books (1 book every two weeks) and I’ve decided to stop logging graphic novels in that count (I’m not undermining the talent in graphic novels but I’d like to exclusively focus on prose and drama but that’s not to say I won’t pick up a graphic novel once in a while!).

And just to spice it up a bit, I’m going to *attempt* to do the 2016 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. Seeing as there seems to be more categories than books I hope to read this year, I plan on doubling up where I see fit but won’t do any more than that.


Other than that, I just hope to enjoy reading more this year, after completing my GCSEs in the summer of last year, I fell into a devastatingly long reading slump and am still slowly climbing out of that hence why I’ve decided to target my efforts into a fresh, new book blog to inspire and help me appreciate the pieces of art I read this year!

I would absolutely love to hear about your reading resolutions for 2016 so be sure to leave them down in the comments below. Are you setting yourself a higher or lower goal on Goodreads this year? Considering the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge?

Happy Reading Bookworms!


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