Career of Evil


Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike #3)Robert Galbraith
Genre: Crime

RATING: ★★✩✩✩

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I am so disappointed that I didn’t enjoy this more because it obviously gained a good reception from everyone else who’s read it with its staggering average of 4.22 stars on Goodreads. I support J.K Rowling so much and there wasn’t anything I found inherently bad about the novel nor were there any major problems that arose but I just knew that I couldn’t justify rating it any higher than 2 stars. There are some positives though (which I’ll discuss) but, all in all, a rather dissatisfying novel for me.

Career of Evil is the third installment in the Cormoran Strike crime series that is written by J.K Rowling, under the pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. The general jist of the series is that we have a private detective, Cormoran Strike, and his assistant, Robin, who work together in solving crimes with the particular focus of this novel on a case that started with Robin being a sent a severed leg at the office. Strike has an idea of three men who he thinks could be behind it, all with their different reasons to want to cause him trouble: Whittaker, Laing and Brockbank. Slowly (and I mean slowly), Strike and Robin discover more about each of them and their alibis as the case becomes progressively more complicated and elaborate.

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All My Friends are Superheroes


All My Friends are Superheroes – Andrew Kaufman
Genre: Contemporary

RATING: ★★★✩✩

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What a quirky, little read that was. Honestly, that book went by in a flash; a great rainy afternoon read that’s for sure. The story was nothing particularly special but the premise was fun and overall, I was pretty satisfied. Tom is our protagonist and he is unusual in the sense that he’s the only one of his friends who doesn’t have a super power. Nevertheless, he’s still very much immersed into the superhero world, so much so that he marries one, The Perfectionist. However, due to Hypno, the Perfectionist’s ex-boyfriend, on their wedding night, the Perfectionist was hypnotised to believe that Tom was invisible and she hasn’t been able to see him since. There are two parts of the novel; the past and the present. Tom is looking back at his past experiences with all his superhero friends as he attempts to think of a way of showing himself to his wife before she moves away and forgets about him for good.

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Most Anticipated Book-to-Movie Adaptations 2016

Hey y’all! Sorry for no book review this week, college work is piling up and unfortunately, that means reading has to take a back seat until it blows over a little. *sigh*
Nevertheless, I said I wouldn’t miss a post so I thought I’d put together a list of my most anticipated book-to-movie adaptations that are supposed to be hitting the big screens within the next few years. So, without furtherado, here they are: (obviously in no particular order!)

The 5th WaveRick Yancey
A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – J.K Rowling
Me Before You – Jojo Moyes (to see my beloved Daenerys to be honest)
AllegiantVeronica Roth
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs
Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There – Lewis Carroll (rip. Alan Rickman!)

And, although it’s going to be a television series (Netflix original, if I remember correctly) and only the filming is starting this year, I am seriously excited for A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by Lemony Snicket as well as the return of Game of Thrones, written by George R.R Martin!

Happy Reading Bookworms!

Norwegian Wood


Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami
Genre: Adult Fiction

RATING: ★★★★✩

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I’ve always been a massive fan of Murakami’s work and Norwegian Wood did not disappoint. No word of a lie, this book has been on my Amazon Wishlist for a good 3 years so I was excited and relieved when I received it as a Christmas present last year. We follow Toru Watanabe who is reflecting on his youthful life that was filled with girls, sex and singing on balconies. When Toru’s relationship with his girlfriend, Naoko, becomes increasingly problematic and is forced to be away from her for a while, he meets a girl in his History of Drama named Midori who, we can safely say, threw a spanner in the works slightly. However, this is no conventional love story by any means, it is much much more than that. The plot is less about the love and more about the challenges Toru faces as a young person; it is ridden with intense themes, such as depression and suicide, that are just as, if not more relevant in our society today. There were a couple of issues that arose here and there that I’ll discuss further on in the review but, all in all, another brilliant novel but another brilliant author.

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1984 – George Orwell
Genre: Dystopian, Classics

RATING: ★★★★★

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I’m so glad I re-read this now, I didn’t know I could love it more! Orwell has always been one of my absolute favourite authors with 1984 being the front-runner for me every time. However, I was nervous – you know when you love a book so much and it’s been years since you’ve read it, all you want is it to live up to what you remember but very rarely does it EXCEED your expectations because damn, it certainly did.

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