A lil update #1 +mini Jane Eyre review

Hey everybody!

Just a heads-up that blog posts may be a lil sparse over the next month because my end of year exams are approaching and I do need to take them seriously to ensure I’m covered for next year! I really want to try to keep to my Monday schedule (and I am definitely going to try my hardest!) but it’s unlikely that you’ll see any actual book reviews because, quite frankly, I haven’t been reading all that much *sigh*. But, just you wait, once exams are over, you bet a big book haul is coming your way and oh my goodness, it’s pretty much my main motivation at the moment.

That said, I have been reading for my English coursework that I’m starting in a month or two so we’ve been told to get a head start. The book in question is Jane Eyre and I’m sure you’ve all heard of it, if not read it and loved it. Honestly, I wouldn’t normally find 400 pages too hefty but it’s by far the longest classic I’ve ever read and I never realised how the language really adds time to the reading. It’s not exactly Shakespearean but it’s also not a YA contemporary released last month, you know? Either way, it was still a rather enjoyable book regardless of how long it took me to read (over a month!) I loved seeing Jane develop as an individual and those last 50 pages or so really took me by surprise. Albeit, there were some dull moments but, all in all, I felt like I really experienced the story which I am learning to do a lot more now. Previously, I would devour books in just a matter of days or even a few hours but I’m now coming to appreciate the finer details and I can specifically picture scenes from the stories which just completely adds to the enjoyment.

So, to sum up: I may be a little absent in the coming weeks but I won’t be away for too long, I assure you of that. Also, read Jane Eyre. It was somewhat slow-paced but the story is a goodun’ and a great novel to read at some point in your lifetime.

Happy Reading Bookworms!


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