Stars Above


Stars Above – Marissa Meyer
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Novellas

RATING: ★★★★★

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I was so pleasantly surprised by this! It’s not often that a novella (or several for that matter) creates a good impression on me. I’m normally left wanting more depth and detail so novellas rarely cut it. That said, Stars Above was incredible! There were loads of short stories which gave a tremendous insight into the past of all the main characters of the series but, without a doubt, the greatest novella was the last one, which was set after Winter and saw the whole team come together again to celebrate Scarlet and Wolf’s wedding. I personally wasn’t a massive fan of Fairest, the prequel to the Lunar Chronicles which gave a background on Levana, so if you’re skeptical to read this collection because the other novella didn’t quite do anything for you, I can assure you that these novellas are incomparable and an absolute joy. Any fans of the Lunar Chronicles would, I am certain, really love this accumulation of epic short stories.

Having read four books in the series, it’s very easy to become attached to the main characters of the Lunar Chronicles which I think is precisely why these novellas are so interesting. They were also great at answering questions that we, perhaps, deemed as potholes in the series. For example, one argument you can see floating around is how does Cress have such normal social skills considering she was locked up her entire life. But, instead, we find that it wasn’t until she was a little girl that Sybil transported her away where previously she had been with other shells similar to her. Actually, Cress’ story was one of my favourites because it really made me sympathise with her. Meyer hinted at the mistreatment of shells in the series but the severity of such unjust behaviour towards them really emerged in her novella.

The book details what happened to the relationship between Scarlet and her father too. You get to see Michelle Benoit treating Cinder, get a look at Wolf’s experience in the Wolf pack (another seriously interesting story), Cinder and Kai’s first meeting in the market from Kai’s perspective and so many more. I don’t quite understand it really. The novellas were so short (there were nine in total!) but they provided sufficient details whilst moving at a fast enough pace – they were brilliantly crafted and couldn’t rate them highly enough!

The only time my concentration did waver was in ‘The Queen’s Army’ because the focus was not on my favourite character, only about the start of Levana’s army. I learnt to warm to Winter in her story, who I originally found annoying and one-dimensional, but then became someone who admired for her selflessness in regards to Jacin, where their relationship became a take on Romeo and Juliet. To be fair, all the couples had forbidden love stories really but none were forced or unbelievable so it just felt as though everything conveniently fell into place.

It was really nice to revisit some of my absolute favourite characters of all time. I only read Winter a few months ago but it somehow feels nostalgic? There was true sentiment in this collection and nothing felt rushed. If you’re a lover of the series and want a quick punch of fantasy, I’d recommend this collection in a heartbeat.

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