Why You Should Be Re-Reading Your Books

Truthfully, a couple of years ago, picking up a book more than once, regardless of how much I enjoyed it previously, was unheard of. I just never understood why you’d spend time reading something you’ve already read when there are TONS of books piling up on my TBR. It seemed illogical.

However, I started re-reading some of my favourite books last year during my GCSEs because I knew that my exams were the priority but I didn’t want to sacrifice my calming, therapeutic pass time. For that reason, I turned to the good ole fashioned Harry Potter. Having only read them once, I felt as though I was reading them for the first time! I’d got into the habit of stacking up my read books like a machine, devouring them too quickly to truly appreciate and fundamentally, remember why I loved so many of them. I read 89 books in 2014 and, although there were some stand-outs, I know that I was more concerned over quantity over quality.

This is precisely why I’ve developed a recent affinity with revisiting stories I know I loved. Sometimes, when life gets ahead of you, starting an epic high fantasy series is just not within your brain’s capacity so going back to an old favourite can get your reading fix without having to seriously commit to something entirely fresh and new.

Also, with re-reading books, you get to discover tons of things that you perhaps missed the first time round! For me, I’m quite slow on the uptake thus returning to a story line almost always shows me how the writer hints at certain things later on in the book; I love a good bit of foreshadowing and it makes me praise the authors even more!

Anyway, this discussion was sparked because I’ve run out of owned unread books (but it was my birthday last week so gift vouchers will be spent wisely, if you know what I mean) so I’m just finishing up re-reading The Night Circus. I adored this book back in 2013 and yet I’m loving it even more now.

So where do you stand on re-reading books? Are you drawn to the nostalgia and re-read on the regular? Or do you race through books like there’s no tomorrow and declare never to return to the memorable ones? You tell me!

Happy Reading Bookworms!


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