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HeartlessMarissa Meyer

Genre: Fantasy, YA

RATING: ★★★★✩

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This was a real gem. But I expect nothing less from Marissa Meyer, who is the author of, still to this day, one of my absolute favourite fantasy series, The Lunar Chronicles. Now this was no Cinder or Cress so, in that regard, it did fall short. However, this book was still phenomenal and the creative backstory of the Red Queen in Wonderland was extremely enticing. I’m an absolute lover of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Meyer’s work only enhanced my love for the Lewis Carroll’s world – Marissa Meyer is brilliant at taking inspiration from a pre-existing tale and morphing it into her own, all without tarnishing the original. It contains all things baking, forbidden love and magic – sound up your alley? A truly incredible read for most, I’d say.

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How Did We Get Into This Mess?

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How Did We Get Into This Mess? – George Monbiot

Genre: Non-fiction, Politics

RATING: ★★★✩✩

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The best way to describe this book is dense. Not necessarily in volume (although still quite lengthy) but in terms of the weight that each sentence holds. Initially I would have suggested pessimistic is a more apt description but, upon reflection, it certainly isn’t. I think what Monbiot has managed to do is assess the disastrous situation our planet is in in a methodical and, for the most part, digestible way to the general population. Some of the essays failed to grasp my attention while others I was fully engrossed in hence the lower rating. And, although the book was overall quite straightforward in many ways, I did find myself stumbling over a few sections which I think was another weakness as Monbiot’s language would frequently fall into very professional language or contain comparisons to events that I, and I’m sure many others, would have been unaware about so had limited effect in that regard. Even so, the book really just got me thinking. It highlighted aspects of our society that I’d been aware of but knew little about or, even better, opened my eyes to countless other flaws that are causing the deterioration of our planet so, despite titled to be a seemingly depressing book, such brutal facts fundamentally served to create a truly inspiring underlying message to make a change.

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What’s on my TBR #2

I figured the best way to make a comeback on here was to share what books I’m currently yearning to read and thus, the books you can expect to see reviews from hopefully over the next few months. Let me know if any of these are on your TBRs or anything I haven’t mentioned that you’d highly recommend. But, for now, here’s what books I’m lusting over at the moment:

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