Maddie Recommends: Fantasy

I thought I would create a new series on the blog that I’ll release every now and again, that being a classic recommendations post. There are so many amazing books that I’ve read in the past that I feel the need to share and discuss with you but, without the novel fresh in my memory, I know I’d struggle to write a proper review so I thought this would be next best thing! Likewise, if you ever fancy a book from a particular genre then there should hopefully always be a post to directly go to! So, seeing as fantasy is one of my absolute favourite genres, I thought it’d be a good idea to start with that so here are my top fantasy books that I’d recommend:

MistbornBrandon Sanderson (s)
I read this trilogy for the first time in 2015 and it was amazing. Sanderson is adding to the trilogy rather rapidly (2 books this year!) and I cannot wait to see where they take our characters. The characters in these books are probably the driving force for me; I adore Vin’s fiery, vivacious attitude and the countless relationships she forms with the group. These novels are seriously unique, my favourite concept being the burning of metals, which really sets it apart from other fantasy novels. They’re chunky books and admittedly, for all three of them. it does take me about 100 pages in to get myself hooked but once I am, you’ll have to struggle with me before I put it down!

Daughter of Smoke and BoneLaini Taylor (t)
These books are some of the most beautifully written novels out there. The descriptions are so vivid that you cannot help but take your time with them, you must appreciate how meticulously every word has been selected. A far less conventional fantasy, we follow Karou who has a very different life to what one may perceive from the outside, one filled with theft and mystery. I’d rather say too little than too much about this trilogy because I think it can really speak for itself once you get going.

The Lunar ChroniclesMarissa Meyer (s)
TLC are a series of books that are, simple, fairy-tale re-tellings; Cinder telling the tale of Cinderella, Scarlet telling the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Cress telling the tale of Rapunzel and Winter telling the tale of Snow White. If that doesn’t intrigue you enough, how about sticking them in a futuristic world that contains cyborgs and androids? As the series progresses, another fairy-tale princess is added and by the end, they all work together to fight against the evil empress of Luna, Levana, who wishes to takeover Earth and have all the ‘earthens’ worship her courtship. These books have some real inspirational female characters and I truly adore how Meyer took elements from the traditional fairy-tales and integrated them so craftily (the amount of times I’ve stopped reading and thought, ‘oh I see what she’s done there!’). A great, introductory read to the genre!

Throne of Glass Sarah J. Maas (s)
Wowee, I hate to be predictable but there’s a reason everyone raves about these books. This perfectly flowing series contains one of my top female protagonists of all time, but that certainly wasn’t the case in the beginning. When everybody adored Celaena Sardothian for her badass attitude, I was rolling my eyes in distaste; I found her boastful and arrogant. But you cannot help falling in love with her, the first novel consists of a challenge of which Celaena must win or she’ll be returned to her past life. The love triangle is frustrating, yes, but as the series goes on, becomes less significant to the plot, which I do prefer. This is going to be a hell of a long series so if you fancy joining me on the ride, come along!

The Bone SeasonSamantha Shannon (s)
A brilliant series that follows Paige, a teenage clairvoyant in Scion London. Paige beholds special abilities that categorised her as a ‘dreamwalker’, somebody who can look into and depart from the minds of the public. When she is suddenly captured, she embarks upon a frighteningly unique adventure. There was a lot of action in the first two novels and I’m glad that The Mime Order (no.2) gave more of an explanation of the world Paige lives in, which I had thought was lacking in the first novel. Beautiful writing that accompanies a thrilling story.

A Song of Ice and Fire George R.R Martin (s)
These are some chunky, intimidating books but they’re certainly rewarding once you finish one! As with the television series, there are so many characters thrown in all at once in the first book which can be a little overwhelming (I ended up watching the first season in full before returning to book just so I could get my head around the characters!). Personal favourite characters are Sansa Stark, for the difficulties she’s faced and the sheer miserable, sassy attitude she manages to maintain throughout the books and Tyrion Lannister, the humorous dwarf were all know and love. The writing is very simple and easy to follow which makes the thousands of pages seem more feasible! A must-read for fans of the show and anyone who wants fantasy without the magical, supernatural elements but still all the mystery and excitement.

Happy Reading Bookworms!